Draw yourself into a culinary adventure!

2018 Gourmand Award Winner: Most Innovative Cookbook, USA

Chef Ryan has hired YOU to take on the role of the New Hire Cook at Queen Rosemary's Castle. YOU draw yourself into this culinary experience and learn how to cook, one-on-one, from Chef Ryan! This book has over 400 pages of teaching you how-to-cook, colorable characters, tasty recipes, and personalized tasting journal pages.

Pick up your spatula and favorite colored pencils, and dig right in to Chef Ryan's How-to-Cook Cookbook for hours of illustrated fun! As the New Hire Cook at Queen Rosemary's Castle, Chef Ryan will teach you everything you need to know about cooking flavorful cuisine fit for a queen! Joining Chef Ryan and you, on your culinary adventure, are The Five Flavors! They will help teach you what flavor is and how to properly utilize it as you advance through your cooking journey. But wait! There’s more! Don’t be deceived by the charm of The Flavor Fighters who try to convince you to take short cuts that ruin your food.

Chef Ryan's How-to-Cook Cookbook breaks the mold on the conventional cookbook by adding an interactive and illustrated story line that challenges you to think about the culinary techniques you learn and apply them in at-home learning activities.

What's inside:
Learning how to cook from fun and colorable characters, critical thinking exercises, and at-home activities that challenge you to practice, in real life, what you have learned

Suitable for ages 13+
FUN and INTERACTIVE for Millennials and Gen Z who want to learn HOW to cook!

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Just like in the book, all of the illustrations on this site are colorable! Simply left click the image you want to color. After the full-size version loads, right click and select "print." That's all there is to it!

Cook Book Reviews

  • 5/5 Stars. Chef Ryan did an amazing job communicating the basics to begin cooking with more knowledge. I thought I have been cooking for years until I read this book. I now feel educated enough to say that I am no longer an novice but possibly one notch up. It is a great book to enjoy with the whole family with all of the activities and illustrations to color and draw. The activities helped me retain more information. Knowing Chef Ryan's occupational background, his personal experiences intertwined throughout the book add solidity to every lesson. Considering cooking is a large part of everyday life, I feel this is a great way to learn the essentials to improve your cooking in many ways and keep people coming back for seconds.

    Erica R, Brookfield MO

  • 4/5 Stars. Chef Ryan's How-to-Cook Cookbook, is fantastic for the young cook looking to start shaping their foundation in the fundamentals of cooking. As a chef who has worked in restaurants and gone through culinary school, I found this book very helpful and full of helpful facts. While giving you recipes you would actually use in the industry. Chef Ryan keeps it very light-hearted and fun by using comic book illustrations to teach you the actual cooking techniques. Chef Ryan has a great perspective on how to cook and relays priceless information that is essential for cooking correctly. Overall, I rather enjoyed this book and found the recipes very useful.

    Chris G, Boulder, Colorado

Cooking Techniques

This book is designed with the beginner cook in mind from the very beginning. It is written as if Chef Ryan was really training you in person to work at Queen Rosemary's Castle! Let's explore what makes this fun cookbook so innovative!


Chef Ryan's How-to-Cook Cookbook has easy to prepare recipes for everyone! When you get to the recipe lessons, you have learned all the culinary basics needed to start cooking your own delicious food at home...

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What makes Chef Ryan's How-to-Cook Cookbook amazing is the fun characters, and interactive learning experience. Meet some of the fun characters that Chef Ryan's world contains. 

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Games & Learning

Chef Ryan's How-to-Cook Cookbook teaches you how to think like a chef by using fun games, and at home activities that suck you straight into the action!

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